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655033 | 2016-01-13

Since established in 1974 YOUNGDO has

led the gas cylinder valve industry in Korea as well as in global
markets and YOUNGDO has grown to be the center of the industry.

In gas cylinder manufacturing, shipbuilding, maritime, automobile, petrochemical, medical, 
and leisure industries YOUNGDO has played a pivotal role nationwide as well as worldwide.

With domestic KS certificates, internal patents, and various quality certificates 
such as ISO, ECE, and UL safety of our products is highly recognized in the markets.

YOUNGDO, who has exported its quality products to the world such as the US, South America, Middle East,
North Africa, and Southeast Asia for more than 20 years has set up a world standard 
to satisfy global customers on the basis of its principles and fundamental rules.

With the long and successful history YOUNGDO realizes exceptional product quality. We will utilize our know-how 
and expertise to offer the best quality products that you can rely on.