Dear customers,

As a representative of YOUNGDO, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our valuable customers.

Thanks to your continuous support, we have been able to supply the best quality products for over the past 4 decades. Since YOUNGDO was established in 1974, we have not changed on our basic philosophies about products (such as customer impression, basic and principal compliance, and constant improvement) and we have been trying to produce the safest products under strict quality control on the authority of ISO/TS16949.

We have produced high-quality products standardized on the basis of KS certificates and possessed UL, CGA, ISO, ECE, TPED/MDD certificates in order to satisfy various demands of overseas customers.

YOUNGDO promises to provide the safest and trustworthy products to our customers by utilizing all of resources in the future by using our know-how and professionalism which we have accumulated to produce gas cylinder valves.

CEO / Chairman
Kwangho Lee